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Flourish is the Branding Identity side of my business, As well as logo & brand design; I also provide all sorts of print such as stickers, signs, mugs, and much more!  

Building a brand is much more than just having a logo. Its a sense of identity. Customers will recognise you from the first look. In this fast paced, digital world sometimes all they get to see is a glimpse of you, so what can we do to make them come back?


It’s a little bit like Tinder really...If the first glance they see is something they like and align with then they will click on to see more an there it starts the relationship.


Having a brand package rather than just a single logo makes your business more professional, more polished. It leads customers to believe you have put time and effort into developing not only your product and services but also yourself and who you are - Making you much more trust worthy and in turn more likely to cash in the sale.


Big Brands do it all the time - Think McDonald’s...They don’t even need to state their name any more. Just a red background and a Golden Arch - You know who they are instantly.


Sound pretty awesome? I think so too...Lets get working on what works for you!

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