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Each and every child is different in the way that they learn and respond. For Greta, setting up visual goals and reminders helps her to remember what she needs to do and work on.

These boards are created so you are able to choose your own goals weekly and are created as a positive visual reinforcement rather than a "rewards" chart. Sometimes children just need to see visually what they are achieving rather than being bribed to do the good thing. Of course you can choose to introduce a "treat" once the board is filled in, this is completely up to you! Since introducing the board a few days ago, Greta has already completely changed her sleeping habits and attempts to eat as much dinner as she can. She's also super aware of what she is doing and is asking whether she can place another magnet on!

Each board comes with reusable magnetic dots which they place on once that goal is achieved for the day. The board itself is also magnetic so can be stuck to the fridge etc.

The board is A4 in size and comes in a range of designs, but if you want one made specifically for you - ask away!!

Children's Reward Chart

PriceFrom $25.00

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