How to Apply Vinyl Stickers


Clean surface area, making sure there is no dust.
Peel back the backing paper, making sure the vinyl sticks to the clear transfer paper. It is best to have it face down and pulling the backing along the paper rather than upwards.
Line up your sticker where you want it to go. Press down from one side to another and use something like a credit card to apply even pressure over the sticker going from side to side.
Peel back the transfer paper slowly, making sure the decal sticks to the surface. It may need some extra pressure as you go along depending on the surface.
Leave sticker to adhere for 24hrs before washing.


Helpful Tips: 

  • If you have a glitter vinyl, you may need to press extra hard to get it to stick to the transfer paper.
  • You can apply heat from a hair dryer to get a better adhesion
  • To remove you can also use a hairdryer
  • Sticker is not dishwasher safe especially smaller elements
  • Pop me a message if you get stuck! :)